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Prevent DemonShield Ban

Occasionally DemonShield will see a request as questionable and restrict it just to be safe. This is commonly caused from websites that send an address URL or filename in their request.

To help avoid repeated instances of this, follow these protocols:

White List IP

Most Content Management Software (CMS) like Joomla or WordPress contains an administrator section, and these panels can sometimes conflict with DemonShield.

Adding your administrator IP address(es) to the White List will disable DemonShield from interfering with their operation.

Bypass Security

We also provide the option to allow "pass-throughs" of specific types of web traffic that may get repeatedly blocked. In this example (screenshot), adding the "ref" variable name to the Bypass list will cause DemonShield to allow all requests of that nature.

However, keep in mind that allowing entire types of web traffic, regardless of origination, can be very dangerous to your site's security. The best option is to never have any variables in this list, however we realize this may not always be possible.